Today, I waited for my interview with Corbin Seitz on KARE-11 TV’s “Showcase Minnesota,” and I got to chat with some spiffy people in the green room (that was, incidentally, actually painted a really unflattering shade of chartreuse). Among these folks was Caryl Hunter, a fellow author and redhead, who generously bought a copy of my book on-site! (Talk about supporting your local authors! Thanks, Caryl!)

Below, I have pasted the information about the very informative, enlightening, moving book “Voices of Multiple Sclerosis” that features her personal story as well as that of more than 30 other authors. Well, I’ll let her tell you about it herself. What follows is from her blog spot, free-spirited ruminations:

This morning I had the opportunity to appear on “Showcase Minnesota,” a local program in the Twin Cities. The book, Voices of Multiple Sclerosis, was talked about, as well as my story and LaChance Publishing. The book is available at LaChance, as well as at, and in bookstores.

"Voices of Multiple Sclerosis"

It was a lot of fun doing the show,and will hopefully get the word out there about the book and MS. One of the best things about this book is that it is 33 different stories and lots of different perspectives. This is the write-up they put on their website: Voices of Multiple Sclerosis: The Healing Companion GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.– Voices of Multiple Sclerosis:The Healing Companion: Stories for Courage, Comfort and Strength features 33 heartfelt descriptions of people’s experiences-from their troubles to their everyday triumphs. This anthology compiles powerful narratives of those affected by the autoimmune disease including stories by caregivers, doctors and MS patients, the message the writers share is clear: there are always choices to be made and hope to be had.

This morning Caryl Hunter, author of “Tough Year”, a story in Voices of Multiple Sclerosis anthology, told us more about it. Voices of Multiple Sclerosis: The Healing Companion: Stories for Courage, Comfort and Strength is available in bookstores everywhere. I also mentioned a post I made when the book came out in November. Here is the direct link: “No Longer Silent.” Thank you for this opportunity and congrats to all my fellow authors! I hope this is one more step for people to hear our stories, dispelling myths and fears about the disease, and having all of our voices truly heard.