Yesterday morning, 9/24/2009, I had the privilege of speaking with Keokuk, Iowa, Pet Talk radio show host, Jean Meyer, about my book and the pet loss grieving process. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and wrote to thank her for having me on her show.

She absolutely made my day when she followed up with this emailed message:

“Thank you Sid! I’m hearing wonderful comments from listeners so far. They enjoyed it and learned from it. One lady came to the shelter to drop off newspapers for us and said she’d listened. She said her cat had died several years ago and she had not gotten another one because of the pain, etc. She said you made her look at it in a whole new way and she’s considering getting an older cat now (the ones we have the toughest time adopting!) to share her life. I always figure if we touch even one life and change things with the programs we’ve succeeded, so I’d say this program was a SUCCESS!”

To this I say: What WONDERFUL news!!!! That’s EXACTLY the kind of response I would hope to have—to have people let go of pain and love again!